We value our brokers not only for their years of experience as a licensed broker, but also for their ideas, life experience and ability and willingness to adapt. Our wide range of broker experience allows us to be teachers and students, as we collaborate tried and true methods with new ideas. 

When you have an account with Frontier Full Service, here is what you have to look forward to:

-Easy, online account application

-Face to face meeting(s) with 1-2 full service brokers to answer all questions

-Competitive Commission Rates (start at $70/round turn, which works out to be 1.5 cents/bushel for grains)

-Commission credits for volume traders 

-Fully customized marketing plans. Corn, Beans, Wheat, Livestock, Dairy. 

-Access to our in house ag market news wire

-24/7 Online account access

- A dedicated full service broker, who has access to historical data, charts, and a network of other brokers/farmers

-You call, someone answers. Our order desk is staffed 7am-9pm M-Th, 7am-5pm Friday, and 5pm-9pm Sunday night. You can check account balances, request money, check on the markets any time of day.

-Your broker will stay on top of marketing triggers and be in touch when price levels are at or near targets. 



We would like a seat at the table as part of your marketing team. This can include other family members, bankers, crop adjusters, or anyone else that knows you and understands your operation. We will come to you and explain everything in person, so we are sure you fully understand our services and philosophies.

No pressure, no commitment, no cost. 




Bring your numbers. We want your inputs so we can help you figure out your bottom line profit levels. We use our marketing calculators, current and historical market data, and hedging experience to develop an individualized plan you are comfortable executing.



The result of deciding to work with a full service broker is simple. It's a plan. It's discussing your "what if's" and your fears and managing them. Our hope is your result is a farm that will stay in business for years to come, because you have taken the steps to invest in your operation and understand the importance of marketing.